Safe beauty products

Many cosmetics could kill you— literally

We’re not saying we promote, support, or even back any findings. And the products we create— all home made, simple, safe and very basic ingredients are only for running the business and/or sharing what we (and many people) use. But we do what we do, because we honestly and truly believe that simplicity is best when it comes to what you put in or on your body.

We believed long ago in creating our own products to use because we simply don’t trust the big companies. They supply millions of dollars in goods, from God knows where, and there are simply way too many ingredients and unsafe chemicals in them.

They can find or create any survey they want to disprove their safety concerns, in fact many literally do that— create their own panels to “prove” safety of ingredients.

But it’s basic. Why put anything on your skin that is even remotely dangerous? Chemicals derived from factories, laboratories, and other countries and not having any clue what they are? Grammas old recipe of olive oil for example— you know what it is, and you even eat it. Works perfectly fine.

So the multi billion, BILLION dollar industry sells beauty products. It’s what it does. And unfortunately, there are lies, deceit, and exaggerations that mislead consumers into buying their product. 

Here’s some potential proof:

Hey— do your own research. Look it up. Plenty of info out there, and use your common sense. It’s super simple.

We don’t promote, support, or deny anything— and are not doctors, specialists, or otherwise. Just a few siblings that believe that simple, honestly created, basic ingredients are all you really need for self care and beauty. That’s our belief, and nature backs us.

Try it yourself. Do your research. But we care— we really do.