Do you stink, or do your products?

You stink! Well, maybe you don’t. But everyone should, and does stink somewhere on our body. It’s natural. Oil, sweat, water, germs, bacteria, pollen, dust, dead skin, and all other kinds of juicy stuff live all over us. And in certain combinations, create not only slimy, dirty, dry, or oily skin, but smell. And that’s the odor of decay. 

So we shower, bath, and clean our bodies. Protect it with other material to help us look better, feel better (dry, clean, attractive)— and most certainly use things like deodorants under our arms to help keep our arm pits dry, clean, and odor free.

There are thousands of products out there for arm pits. And thousands of ingredients out there as well. Some are simple, safe, pure, and natural— and other ingredients are artificial, complex, dangerous, and known to cause serious health problems.

The arm pits have near them, “lymph nodes” where lymphatic fluid works to keep your inner body workings safe… and dangerous chemicals in, on, near, or around them obviously are not a smart idea. Just search online about the dangers of common deodorants. And then, ask if it make sense putting anything remotely questionable on the skin— the largest organ on your body.

So using safe products with safe ingredients make a big difference. Be smart. Keep it simple, keep it clean, and use stuff on your body that make pure healthy sense. Our new deodorizing and perspiration controlling under arm product is made with simply 5 ingredients. Safe, fresh, and super-simple. Stay tuned for our product launch!

In the mean time, be wise about what you put on or in your body!