The sad truth with many mainstream beauty companies (video)

This is one of our favorite videos someone put together on YouTube years ago. It shows the transformation made with a woman into a classic “model” that went on a large street billboard. What’s sad is how much work they do to create a partially fake model (you’ll see what we mean).

Real beauty is before any work goes into it. Real beauty is from the moment you are created. Unfortunately, the beauty industry has sometimes stifled real beauty, with some companies making women think they need to look a certain way to be classified as commercially “beautiful.” So watch the video, and see for yourself Decide what’s beautiful? And what’s used to sell products.

EVERY advertisement you see, most every article you read, and EVERY product you see sold with images of women (and sometimes men) are photo retouched, or doctored some way to “perfect” that image. They are not of genuine people.

Beauty products in our mind are more to do with personal care—inside and out. Quality, simple, safe ingredients that help you take care of that one of a kind, beautiful body of yours. Helping YOU be radiant, glowing, and expressing your own beauty.

Hey—harmless in showing off great beauty, but it’s wrong to shame others, or make women feel they need to attain or be something they are not when what they are is by nature— beautiful.

Watch the video here.