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We believe the best personal care products should be simple—inspired by nature. Safe, pure, and fresh ingredients.

There are too many unsafe and complex beauty and personal care products—with far too many ingredients. Personal care should include high quality, freshly made, pure and simple ingredients. And that’s what we’re committed to providing. You will never find anything harsh, dangerous, or harmful in our products. You deserve honest, safe, pure, natural and refreshing products. 

Our Story

Our grandfather owned a face and body cream business in the 1950s. Generations later, two grandchildren—a brother and sister—a creative entrepreneur, and a dedicated beauty industry expert, both passionate about personal care, business, and helping others with their personal care and beauty, and believe that products should be freshly made, pure, and simple. We are dedicated to developing and providing high quality, fresh, pure, and simple beauty products just like our grandfather did.  


Our Products

Angellic® freshly-made, pure and simple personal care and beauty products are created with the highest quality, purest, and simplest ingredients. We keep the ingredients to a minimum—only what’s needed and nothing more. We also refuse to use anything complex, dangerous, or artificial. People deserve simple purity for their products, and that’s what we create.

Since the basics of hygiene, personal care and beauty are really quite simple, we apply that to our brand— and in turn provide high quality, fresh, pure and simple products that you can count on.

Our Methods

We keep inventory low and on demand by developing and producing the freshest products we can so YOU are getting the purest, freshest products to use for your own personal care and beauty. 

We eliminate long shelf lives of our products by continually refreshing stock, and creating a fast ordering system that gets you some of the freshest home made beauty products you can find. 

Our research, testing, and production process has been created to be very simple, very safe, and contribute to our ability to provide these fresh, pure, and simple products to you.